Our People

Here are the members of Health Care For All NC’s Board of Directors, including the officers. We are all committed to working towards securing a universal, single-payer health program in the United States within our lifetimes.


Hannah Potter, MPH, President

Elaine Greene, MD, MPH, Vice President

Jonathan Michels, RT(R), Treasurer

Katrina Ramquist Wesson, MBA, Corresponding Secretary

Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, President Emeritus


Rebecca Cerese

Will Cox, RT(R)

Demetria Ledbetter, MBA, MA

Kim L. McMasters, DC

Claudia C. Prose, MD, MPH

Miriam Thompson, MSW, M.Ed

Student Liaisons

Emily Covert

Jonathan Giuliano

Amanda Gomez

Jane Marryat

Kathryn Supko

Nandan Thakkar

Marek Zorawski

Faculty Advisors

Perri Morgan, PhD, MEd, PA-C, Duke SNaHP Advisor

Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, Health Care for All UNC-Chapel Hill

Bios of HCFANC Board Members